Where can I buy a DoubleTap™?
Any good retail gun store will carry the DoubleTap™. DOUBLETAP DEFENSE LLC does not sell directly to individuals or FFL dealers. According to Federal law you must purchase a handgun in the state you reside in. For more information Availability link

Where did the name “DoubleTap” come from?
The term “DoubleTap” is based on a combat shooting technique that involves aiming at center mass and quickly firing 2 rounds before engaging the next target, hence the term a “DoubleTap”. Our pistol by design is a 2 round (with 2 spares) tactical defensive pistol that will deliver a “DoubleTap”.

What Accessories are available for the DoubleTap™?
We offer a full line of accessories including, barrel conversion kits, loading devices, holsters, fitted cases, apparel and other cool stuff all available from our website Accessories link

Does it fire both rounds at once?
No, if it fired both rounds with a single trigger pull, under ATF (Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms) regulations it would be considered a “Machine Gun” under the purview of the NFA (National Firearms Act). It fires sequentially or each time you pull the trigger it will fire one round and then sequence to the next barrel.

Does the DoubleTap™ have second strike capability?
Yes, you may continue to pull trigger and the hammer will fall on the unfired round again.

What is Porting?
DoubleTap™ by design is a very small, narrow and lightweight tactical pocket pistol and when fired in any large caliber will have significant recoil. Our porting of the barrels will significantly reduce felt recoil and muzzle climb by releasing the high pressure gases in a specific direction based on thermal dynamics. The DoubleTap™ barrels are available both ported and unported in all calibers.

What is the difference between the Aluminum and Titanium DoubleTap™?
Both guns are exactly the same except for the frame material which is either Aluminum or Titanium. All of the barrels are manufactured from stainless steel. Titanium is a much stronger and more corrosion resistant material than Aluminum. The Titanium gun actually weighs 2 more ounces than the Aluminum gun and is designed more for the hard core military type end user; someone that wants and needs the best available. However there are no long term issues with the Aluminum gun and it will perform the same as the Titanium model.

Does the DoubleTap™ come with 2 barrels?
Each DoubleTap comes with one barrel and you can purchase extra Conversion Kits (barrel assembly with appropriate caliber DoubleTap Loading Device and DoubleTap Storage Device).

What kind of safety does the DoubleTap™ have?
It features a Double Action Trigger System with a minimum 10lb trigger pull similar to millions of revolvers manufactured for hundreds of years. The fully mechanical patent pending trigger pull is glass smooth and also gives you second strike capability in case of a bad round.



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